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ANZBYC 2021 Recap

ANZBYC 2021, hosted by Melbourne YAD, was held on the 3rd and 4th of July, 2021. The conference was held on Zoom, with 200 participants joining either from their homes, or from selected Fo Guang Shan branches.

Over the two days, the conference featured many esteemed guests, such as Chief Abbess Manko, Abbess Manshin, Venerable Dr. Jue Wei, Emeritus Professor Stephan Hill, and Dr. Eric Chan. In line with the theme of the conference, ‘Faith and Legacy’, these speakers each imparted their wisdom on the participants, thereby propagating dharma and educating Buddhist youths.

However, it is not only the guest speakers who made this conference a success. This conference was brought to fruition by a dedicated group of BLIA YADs from all across Australia and New Zealand, as well as their guiding venerables. Due to the disruption of COVID, the conference was held at multiple branch temples, requiring rigorous preparation from all states involved.

Participants were encouraged to consider what faith means to them, how faith can help them face the challenges that young people face today, what direction they want to take their lives in, and what kind of legacy they want to leave behind. One participant said in the post-conference anonymous feedback form:

“The more we are connected to our ourselves, the less fear we have. I really love this quote from Venerable Jue Fang, together with Lenny’s session really made me reflected on myself and work on what I want to BE. Rather than keep pushing the blame to things around me. Thanks to all speakers, organiser, master and venerable for giving us the conditions to make this happen. Overall, all went really well!!! Great job team.”

We hope that all participants gained friendships and wisdom from this conference, and wish all the best for the next organising state, Queensland.

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