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The Australia New Zealand Buddhist Youth Conference (ANZBYC) was first held in Sydney in 1997, with the guidance of Venerable Man Chien. Since then, various Young Adult Division (YAD) branches across the Oceania region took turns organising this conference.


It provides an opportunity for youths to practice Buddhism in an inclusive and collaborative environment and to apply the teachings in a practical manner within their everyday lives.  The conference also serves as a means for youths to develop vital skills such as teamwork and leadership. 

This year's theme will be "It's Good To Have You: To Inherit and Inspire" and is hosted by Syndey YAD.  We're excited to bring together like-minded youths from different parts of Oceania to get the opportunity to form life-changing affinities with one another. 


This year's ANZBYC is proudly hosted by Sydney YAD. Join us to explore the theme of our conference It's Good to Have You: To Inherit and Inspire

We have an exciting, jam-packed program planned for the three days, three nights. 


Through ANZBYC 2023, we hope: 

  1. To promote interest in the teachings of Buddhism.

  2. To enable youths to experience a temple lifestyle.

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  3. To allow youths to practice kindness, compassion, joy and generosity with others.

  4. To forge new friendships and connections through common interests and values.

The conference to open to youths and young adults between the ages of 16-35 years of age. 


We have an incredible line up of guest speakers and it will be a great opportunity for us to cultivate our wisdom throughout the three days. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to hear from them!

Guest speakers to be announced soon!

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